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Grizzly Bear Pair Wrestling on Front Lawn of Cabins

Obviously, these 2 Grizzly Bears know each other very well. There seems to be a trust in this fight that nobody gets hurt.

Biggest Grizzly Bear Boar Seen this Year Happy with Eating Greens for Now

In Spring and early Summer, grizzly bears consume a variety of greens as part of their diet. Grizzly bears feed on new shoots and blades of grass that emerge during the spring and a wide range of herbaceous plants and forbs. These include plants like dandelions, clovers, fireweed, cow parsnip, and other flowering plants that grow in meadows, clearings, and open areas. Plant species consumed by grizzly bears vary based on their location and the availability of vegetation in their habitat. Grizzly bears are opportunistic feeders and can alter their diet according to seasonal changes and local food availability.

Biggest Grizzly Seen in the Area So Far

The Biggest Grizzly Seen in the Area So Far is such a magnificent sight. We thought a little tribute to this amazing Apex creature was in order, so here is a good look at this incredible fella. We are not sure, but He may have recently been seen mating with one of the biggest Sows in the area. If so, their offspring will be exceptionally gifted in the size department.

Big Grizzly Bear Boar Feeding on Moose Bull Carcass

The Most Recent Day we saw this Big Grizzly Boar on the Large Moose Bull Carcass. One of the largest Grizzly Bear Boars in this area, feeding on also one of the Largest Moose Bulls in this area. Thank you for your patience with this video, it was cropped in from about 1km away. Thank You to Those that stayed to visit and help pass the time while we waited for this Big Grizzly to make another appearance.

Big Grizzly Bear Feeding on Moose Bull Carcass

This would be Considered one of the largest Grizzly Bear Boars in this area, feeding on also one of the Largest Moose Bulls in this area. There was no sign of struggle on the far side of this lake, so it is not suspected that a Bear killed this Moose Bull. This big Grizzly is Certainly making sure no Calorie goes to waste. An entire Day of eating berries(this time of year) for this Grizzly May be equaled in just a few mouthfuls of this Calorie Dense Carcass, which ends up feeding many.
In just a few more Days, there may be no sign of this Moose Bull Carcass, as Nature absorbs all.. even Fur disappears and becomes insulation for Birds tree nests, etc.
Thank you for your patience with this video, it was cropped in from about 1km away.

Grizzly Bear Grabs and Runs from a Moose Bull Carcass

This Grizzly Bear came in, grabbed what He could, and hastily ran back into Forest cover.. spending only about 3 minutes out in the open. We heard another Bear.. a Black Bear, was seen on this Moose carcass earlier on this day. There was apparently no signs of struggle on the far side of the Lake shore, and the Moose Bull was very large for this area of the Canadian Rockies.. so, likely not killed by these Bears. *We are cropping quite a bit from a long distance and Thank You for your patience with Us.

An Amazing Grizzly Family Today and as Newborns

Here is our first sighting of this Amazing Grizzly Family Today and as Newborns. They looked like they weathered hibernation very well! The Family were seen on Mountain Peaks in late Spring and now with some slight adjustments to their territory, down in the Valley Bottom. Many call this Famous Mother "Grizzma" as she is very well known, such a Beautiful Mother Bear, and has an amazing temperament. Along with some footage of Grizzma and Her Cubs today, we have included our First Sighting of them back in 2020, as newborns. We Hope Cubs and Mum stay together for the remainder of this year for their safety, but we can see that it may be difficult for all of them to occupy the same Den when that time comes.

Grizzly Bear Siblings Doing Well on Their Own

These 2 Grizzly Bear Siblings were of a group of 3, but just these two stayed together while the third one ventured out on his own. So far, these two have been doing well bouncing on and through territorial edges of many larger Bears. Here you can also see that you have to be bear aware everywhere as common hiking hubs contain many trail junctions often also used by Grizzly and Black Bears. We hope to see these two beautiful Bears continue to do well in this amazing space.

Biggest Beautiful Grizzly Sow

The Biggest Beautiful Grizzly Sow we have seen in this area appears late in an evening, much to our Delight! Hopefully, She will pair up with an equally awesome Male during this Grizzly Bear mating season.

Are They Siblings, a Mating Pair, or Mother and Teenager?

This is one of the most interesting pair of Grizzly Bears right now as no one seems to know. We have heard that they are Twins, a Mating Pair, but what we witnessed today.. possibly a Mum with a Teenage Cub. Regardless.. they are wonderful to Witness.

Happy Grizzly Siblings or a Mating Pair?

These two Grizzly Bears have travelled quite a distance over the last week. Originally, they were thought to be Siblings, but were seen Mating, so it is possible that they are an early Mating Pair. They could also simply be Siblings that are acting out natural instincts present during this time of year. It is early Bear Mating Season.

Grizzly Cubs Going for a Swim in Athabasca River

These Grizzly Cubs are looking good after hibernation. Here they go for a Swim in Athabasca River, moving around quite a bit early in the season. Athabasca River is not yet high or too powerful as we have not had very many hot days, forcing fast Spring Mountain runoff. The Grizzly Cubs were newborns in 2019, now 3 years old and with one less sibling than last summer. The Grizzly Siblings could have parted ways due to Male/Female differences being more evident, which is common as they become this age.

Big Beautiful Grizzly Sow First Sighting this Year!

Our First Sighting of this Big Girl out of Hibernation was a nice surprise. She was in Great condition.. looking really Big and Strong as She begins her travels. Her Paws and Nose were never still for long as she searches for scents of substance. The beginning shows a clip of her Hunting Ground Squirrels along with when she had a newborn Cub Last Year, to compare. Her Gifted structure looks even bigger and fuller this year. We were hoping to see Her trying Motherhood again this year, but no luck on that account. Regardless, it was an incredible encounter that took place in a perfect setting with lots of safe space to observe. She is a Great Teacher that the Rockies are Lucky to Have! *We had a little fun on the beginning of this.. hope it brings a smile your way.

Beautiful Spring Grizzly Bear Family

A Beautiful Spring Grizzly Bear Family known very well, captivates us with some quiet peaceful time.

She's Got Moves! ..Big Grizzly Bear Sow's Agility on the Hunt

She's Got Moves! ..Big Grizzly Bear Sow Displaying some Agility on the Hunt. Earlier, this Grizzly Bear caught an Elk calf and now she is hunting ground squirrels. This Big Grizzly was the Mum of One very Healthy Cub a couple weeks ago, but lost it likely to another big Boar. She has travelled up to 60km in the last few days. They do have such a tough life, but here her calories in were more than calories out. We sure hope to see this awesome Grizzly Bear produce offspring again soon.

Grizzly and Her Newborns - First Sighting

Our First encounter with a special Grizzly Mother and her newborn cubs this year. She is such a patient and well tempered Grizzly sow and we are now lucky enough to witness her with her second set of Cubs over the last several years. It was an exciting day as we were not certain she was okay over the Winter, but clearly she was. Grizzly Bears produce only two or three cubs every three years and their survival rate is unfortunately very low. Everyone in this location of Canada's Rockies will be Cheering this family on in 2020!

Big Grizzly Cubs as Newborns and Leaving Mum Today

A Rare occurrence.. Grizzly Bear Cubs from Newborns to Sub-Adults. It's very rare for Grizzly Bear Cubs to make it this far, and especially 3 Siblings together. They just left their Mother a short time ago and are finding their space together. Here the Grown Cubs become separated, but never venture far as we witness them reunite late the next evening. Their exceptional noses prove to be their most powerful tool in keeping together. As a Unit, these Grizzly Bear Cubs stand a much better chance of survival.

Grizzly Bear Mum with very Healthy Newborn Cub First Appears

Grizzly Bear Mum tends to her nutritional needs while the healthiest newborn Bear Cub(cub of the year) we have seen makes a first appearance. Unfortunately, this grizzly cub does not have a sibling to play and "practice" with, but it shows the benefits of the food advantage a single cub has. This grizzly bear cub is not only very well fed, but seems to be very relaxed close to Mum.

Grizzly Mum with Yearlings in the Grizzly Maze Cooling off in the Athabasca River

The most well tempered Grizzly Mum with her Yearlings in the Grizzly Maze has to do a dance between protecting her cubs from other Grizzlies, navigate a very high human traffic area, as well as insure they all get nutrition. Here, GrizzMa finds a safe space to cool off in the Athabasca River on a hot day.

Rare Moments with an Amazing Grizzly Bear Family

This Grizzly Bear Family with an incredible temperament is well loved in this area of Canada's Rockies. Just about to embark on Grizzly Bear mating season, Mum will have to deal with more Boars entering the area, threatening the safety of her cubs. One Boar has already been pursuing this Family over the last several days. We were very lucky to have some rare moments with this amazing Grizzly Family before they may have to disappear as mating season adjusts the mood.

Big Grizzly Mum After Losing her Cub

This was the first encounter with this big Grizzly Bear Sow after she lost her cub of the year. It was tough to find out as the cub appeared to be the biggest and healthiest cub of the year we have ever seen. Many are looking forward to seeing this Grizzly Mum have offspring again next year as she is so healthy herself.

A Canadian Grizzly Bear Romance

Grizzly Bears seek out suitable partners from May through July with a peak being in mid-June. Please let us know if the audio is OK or if we should alter it? ..The Grizzlies did not make any natural sounds during this encounter and we thought we would lighten it up a bit.

Largest Grizzly Bear in Spring in Alberta's Rockies

The largest Grizzly Bear we have seen in Alberta's Rockies in the Spring so far. Hedysarum alpinum is a species of flowering plant in the legume family known by the common name alpine sweetvetch. These roots are a primary food for grizzly bears in some areas, such as Alberta's Rockies.

Large Grizzly Bear in a Jasper Spring, Digging for Nutrients

Grizzly Bears' food sources vary with season and habitat, for instance... a plant that is highly nutritious in spring may have little food value in the summer. Sweetvetch roots for example, are an energy rich food source for Grizzly Bears when they wake up in the Spring. We captured this Video of a very Large Grizzly in Canada's Rocky Mountains.

Back Country Grizzly Bear Family

It is suspected this Grizzly Mother and Cubs chose to come down from recent snow filled altitudes in search of green, of which precipitation has fortified in the valley bottoms of Alberta recently. An amazing few moments for us, but we don't expect to see this beautiful back country family again as they will probably choose higher altitudes very shortly.

Grizzly Bear Family as Evening Approaches

As evening approaches, these Grizzly Bear Cubs of the Year gradually slow down and become more affectionate with each other and Mum. These are typical signs near feeding and bedding down times for Grizzly families that are not stressed in nature. Another wonderful surprise as night falls in Canada's Rockies.

Healthy Grizzly Family Crosses our Path

We haven't seen this Grizzly Mother(Sow) and her Cubs of the Year for a little while, so it was nice to witness them looking very healthy.

Grizzly Bear Videos

Big Grizzly Mum and Cubs Hunting for Protein

Big Grizzly Mum "Pretty Face", and Her Spring Cubs Appear at the Lake

Grizzly Bear Tensions Rise as Mating Season Begins

Grizzly Bear Tension Rises as Mating Season Begins

Biggest Grizzly Bear Boar Seen this Year Happy with Eating Greens for Now

Grizzly Bear Pair Wrestling on Front Lawn of Cabins

Grizzly Bears Wrestle on the Front Lawn

Big Grizzly Bear Boar Looks Magnificent Out of Hibernation

Biggest Elk Bull's Victory Bugles After a Tough Rut Battle - The Sheriff

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Biggest Grizzly Bear Sow We have Seen so Far

Magnificent Grizzly Mum and Big Cubs Mark Their Territory on Arrival

Big Grizzly Cubs on their Own now, Cross Athabasca River

Magnificent Grizzly Bear Mum and Cubs Pop Out at a Trailhead

Big Grizzly Bear Boar Feeding on Moose Bull Carcass

Big Grizzly Bear Feeding on Moose Bull Carcass

Grizzly Bear Grabs and Runs from a Moose Bull Carcass

Berry Season is a Time For Extra Care in Bear Country

Wonderful Grizzly Family Makes Another Appearance

Biggest Grizzly Seen in the Area So Far

An Amazing Grizzly Family Today and as Newborns

3 Year Old Grizzly Male Hanging in There

Grizzly Bear Siblings Doing Well on Their Own

Biggest Beautiful Grizzly Sow

Happy Grizzly Siblings or a Mating Pair?

Grizzly Bear Watches Hikers

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