Huge Elk Bull Eats Pine Needles when Food is Scarce

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Huge Elk Bull Eats Pine Needles when Food is Scarce

The Sheriff, this areas largest and most dominant Elk Bull, looks to eating pine needles at times in the winter. When snow on the ground covers forage and extreme cold stresses Elk, they may turn to pine needles for food. Pine needles are not highly nutritious food and are loaded with resin acids that make them a little distasteful. During cold snaps or times of heavy snow however, pine needles can comprise as much as half an Elk's diet. Female animals such as elk, bighorn sheep, mule deer and whitetail deer can eat pine needles in late pregnancy with no ill effect, but early pregnancy can witness issues. Elk are known to snap branches off trees and shrubs to feed when they need to. Pine needles are high in vitamin C and actually can help alleviate congestion and other respiratory problems.
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