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Wildlife encounters caught on video while out hiking and sightseeing in Canada's beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Grizzly Bear
(Ursus arctos)

Grizzly Bears range in small numbers in Alaska and western Canada as well as eastern Siberia and Hokkaido, and from western Europe and Palestine to the Himalayan region, and possibly the Atlas Mountains of northwest Africa.

Wildlife Icons In Canada's Rocky Mountains

The Canadian Rocky Mountains boast some of the best Wildlife Viewing in the World. The Rocky Mountains are home to an exciting array of mammals and birds. Most commonly seen are Elk, Bighorn Sheep and Deer. The more elusive Bear, Mountain Goats, Wolves and Moose can be found in Canada's Rockies more easily at specific times of the year. Even more rare sightings of Mountain Lion, Lynx and Wolverine are experienced typically by chance of those who spend a significant amount of time exploring Canada's Outdoors.

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Awesome Bighorn Ram Bosses

Awesome Bighorn Ram Bosses

These Awesome Bighorn Ram Bosses came down for green and water, giving us an opportunity to see their amazing genetics up close in a beautiful setting. At least 3 of these Big Rams will be strong contenders for the Bighorn Sheep Rut this year.

Are They Siblings, a Mating Pair, or Mother and Teenager?

Are They Siblings, a Mating Pair, or Mother and Teenager?

This is one of the most interesting pair of Grizzly Bears right now as no one seems to know. We have heard that they are Twins, a Mating Pair, but what we witnessed today.. possibly a Mum with a Teenage Cub. Regardless.. they are wonderful to Witness.

Happy Grizzly Siblings or a Mating Pair?

Grizzly Cubs Going for a Swim in Athabasca River

These two Grizzly Bears have travelled quite a distance over the last week. Originally, they were thought to be Siblings, but were seen Mating, so it is possible that they are an early Mating Pair. They could also simply be Siblings that are acting out natural instincts present during this time of year. It is early Bear Mating Season.

Grizzly Cubs Going for a Swim in Athabasca River

Grizzly Cubs Going for a Swim in Athabasca River

These Grizzly Cubs are looking good after hibernation. Here they go for a Swim in Athabasca River, moving around quite a bit early in the season. Athabasca River is not yet high or too powerful as we have not had very many hot days, forcing fast Spring Mountain runoff. The Grizzly Cubs were newborns in 2019, now 3 years old and with one less sibling than last summer. The Grizzly Siblings could have parted ways due to Male/Female differences being more evident, which is common as they become this age.

Big Beautiful Grizzly Sow First Sighting this Year!

Big Beautiful Grizzly Sow First Sighting of the Year!

Our First Sighting of this Big Girl out of Hibernation was a nice surprise. She was in Great condition.. looking really Big and Strong as She begins her travels. Her Paws and Nose were never still for long as she searches for scents of substance. The beginning shows a clip of her Hunting Ground Squirrels along with when she had a newborn Cub Last Year, to compare. Her Gifted structure looks even bigger and fuller this year. We were hoping to see Her trying Motherhood again this year, but no luck on that account. Regardless, it was an incredible encounter that took place in a perfect setting with lots of safe space to observe. She is a Great Teacher that the Rockies are Lucky to Have! *We had a little fun on the beginning of this.. hope it brings a smile your way.

Tiny Newborn Bear Cubs Nursing and Playing - So Cute!

Tiny Newborn Bear Cubs Nursing and Playing

The first newborn Bear Cubs seen this year are so tiny and cute! Mum has to leave the cubs to play in order to get some much needed sustenance, but is never far. When Her cubs of the year begin calling, she comes with purpose to nurse them. Shortly after, the Bear Cubs are right back to playing and discovering their new environment. 3 tiny Bear Cubs will be a pawful for Mum!

Dominant Bulls During this Past Elk Rut

Dominant Bulls During this Past Elk Rut

Here is the First Elk Bull we witnessed to show rut behavior immediately after shedding velvet in August. A beautiful fresh evening with light rain made observing his raking and interest a little different.

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Wildlife on Video - Bighorn Rams Fighting for Mating rights During the Bighorn Sheep Rut. The larger Bighorns with superior genetics are able to battle like this for quite a long time during the bighorn sheep mating season. Several larger Rams are seen here battling for the right to mate on this day.

Wildlife on Video - Here are the most magnificent Elk Bulls courting during the Elk Rut. When Elk cows comes into estrus, a herd bull performs courting behavior that is different from his herding behavior. The herd bull will approach cows slowly and carefully, with antlers high and tongue flicking, doing everything he can to win her over. If a cow is not ready to mate, she will move away with her head low, weaving her neck side to side and the bull will stop his immediate courting. Cows will tolerate and accept the herd bull’s behavior when they are ready.

Wildlife on Video - A Magnificent Elk Bull shining with energy during this year's Elk Rut. Various elk rut season behaviors can been seen here as he pursues cows, bugles, rubs trees and travels lakeside in a few beautiful locations.

Wildlife on Video - The early stages of the Elk Rut in Canada's Rockies - Jasper National Park. These Video Clips are fractions of several days of a Wonderful experience. This particular Bull Elk has aggressively defended His harem from Several other Bulls over the last few days, of which is still quite early for the Elk Rutting Season.

Wildlife on Video - Very Active Elk Bull with His Harem During the Elk Rut

Wildlife on Video - In nature with Canadian Rocky Mountain Bighorn Rams during their rutting season. We were very lucky to witness this Epic Battle between two very gifted Bighorn Rams.

Wildlife on Video - Our First encounter with a special Grizzly Mother and her newborn cubs this year. She is such a patient and well tempered Grizzly sow and we are now lucky enough to witness her with her second set of Cubs over the last several years. It was an exciting day as we were not certain she was okay over the Winter, but clearly she was. Grizzly Bears produce only two or three cubs every three years and their survival rate is unfortunately very low. Everyone in this location of Canada's Rockies will be Cheering this family on in 2020!

Wildlife on Video - We were lucky to witness this huge bull courting a receptive cow during the Moose Rut. The active peak of rutting season for moose is generally the first two weeks of October. Farther North in the hemisphere is earlier as South is a bit later. Moose bulls may court cows for several days during their mating season. The largest and heaviest of the Deer family can often be seen in groups during this time, with both Bulls and Cows potentially competing for mates. Moose Bulls will chase off or even fight rivals for mating rights, while cows that occupy the same area may also chase each other away from a favorite bull moose. You can hear some vocalizations between the bull and cow along with seeing some very rare behavior in these gentle giants.

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Viewing Wildlife in their natural habitat can be very exhilarating. Let's keep the chance of wildlife encounters existent for future generations.

Wildlife on Video


Fiercely protective, Grizzly mothers with cubs often seek out higher elevations to avoid confrontation.

Grizzly Mothers and Cubs