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Capturing Moments in Canada's Rockies

Wildlife encounters caught on video while out hiking and sightseeing in Canada's beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Grizzly Bear
(Ursus arctos)

Grizzly Bears range in small numbers in Alaska and western Canada as well as eastern Siberia and Hokkaido, and from western Europe and Palestine to the Himalayan region, and possibly the Atlas Mountains of northwest Africa.

Wildlife Icons In Canada's Rocky Mountains

The Canadian Rocky Mountains boast some of the best Wildlife Viewing in the World. The Rocky Mountains are home to an exciting array of mammals and birds. Most commonly seen are Elk, Bighorn Sheep and Deer. The more elusive Bear, Mountain Goats, Wolves and Moose can be found in Canada's Rockies more easily at specific times of the year. Even more rare sightings of Mountain Lion, Lynx and Wolverine are experienced typically by chance of those who spend a significant amount of time exploring Canada's Outdoors.

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Big Grizzly Bear Mum with 3 Tiny Cubs of the Year

Big Grizzly Bear Mum with 3 Tiny Cubs

Initially a surprise encounter, we have never seen this Grizzly Bear Sow with 3 Tiny Cubs of the Year Before Today. The most impressive Mother Bear we have seen to date, with 3 of the cutest little Grizzly Cubs of 2019.

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Elk in Canada's Rockies in June

Elk in Canada's Rockies in June Video

Older, Bigger Elk Bulls shed their Antlers first, grow first, and polish the velvet first. It's nature's way of allowing the most mature bulls an advantage when entering the Rutting Season. With Rutting season quite a distance from late June yet, this Bull prefers isolated areas with lots of food to pack on as much mass as possible right now. Elk Calves show strong agility and energy by the end of June. While Elk Cows are still protecting their calves, their focus is also on their own nutrition.

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Back Country Grizzly Bear Family

Back Country Grizzly Bear Family 2019

It is suspected this Grizzly Mother and Cubs chose to come down from recent snow filled altitudes in search of green, of which precipitation has fortified in the valley bottoms of Alberta recently. An amazing few moments for us, but we don't expect to see this beautiful back country family again as they will probably choose higher altitudes very shortly.

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The early stages of the Elk Rut in Canada's Rockies. These Video Clips are fractions of several days of a Wonderful experience. This particular Bull Elk has aggressively defended His harem from Several other Bulls over the last few days, of which is still quite early for the Elk Rutting Season.

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Wildlife on Video - Canadian Rockies Bighorn Ram Battle HD 2019.

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Bighorn Sheep Mating Season Begins in Alberta's Rockies. Even young Rams become naturally more aggressive during this crucial time. Typically, one large Male will fight to dominate and protect his females from predators and other males.

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Newborn Black bear cubs are born just a little larger than a hamster in the Den(January), but grow rapidly. By the time they emerge from their dens(usually April), they are typically the size of a house cat. This Cub is the smallest example of what we have ever seen in Canada's Rockies at this time of year... Hoping to see this charismatic little one do a lot of growing in the next few weeks.

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An amazing Bull Moose Warming Up for His Rut Season in Canada's Rockies. You can hear him communicating if you listen closely. This Bull Moose spent some time with 2 different females within just a couple hours in one day, but the companionship didn't last yet on this day.

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Viewing Wildlife in their natural habitat can be very exhilarating. Let's keep the chance of wildlife encounters existent for future generations.

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Fiercely protective, Grizzly mothers with cubs often seek out higher elevations to avoid confrontation.

Grizzly Mothers and Cubs

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