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The Elk Rut is Coming

Challenger Moves in on Bighorn Boss During the Rut

Rocky Mountain Goat Kids

Bighorn Sheep Lambs

Rowdy Rocky Mountain Goats

Bear Tries His Luck with Mountain Goats

Maligne River is very High with Moose Enjoying the Water

Baby Rocky Mountain Goat Appears

Elk Bull During the Rutting Season

Grizzly Bear Family as Evening Approaches

Cute Grizzly Cubs Learning to Climb

Healthy Grizzly Family Crosses our Path

Hoary Marmot in the Rockies

Mountain Goats Being Aggressive

Grizzly Mum & 2 Cubs of the Year in Canada's Rockies

Cute Newborn Baby Bighorn Sheep

Elk with Newborn Calf by Athabasca River

Newborn Elk Calf following Mum to Safety

Grizzly Cubs of the Year Playing and Exploring Canada's Rockies

Grizzly and Her Newborns - First Sighting

Rocky Mountain Goats descend with their Winter Coats

Bone Crunching Bear ASMR

2 Big Bears and Spilled Grain

Pine Marten Parents Moving their Babies to a Safe Location

First Big Bear Encounter in Spring 2020

White Tailed Deer (or Whitetail) in Canada's Rockies

Great Grey Owl Quarrel During Mating Season

A Quick look at a Cross Fox in Canada's Rockies

Bighorn Sheep Slow Motion Strikes with Audio

Beautiful Elk Bull During the Rut

A Canadian Grizzly Bear Romance

Bear Cub Cuteness

Great Grey Owls in Canada's Rockies

Identifying Grizzly Bear Mothers in care of Cubs of the Year

Canadian Wolves after a Successful Hunt in the Rockies

Bighorn Headbutting Battle in Canada's Rockies

Bighorn Sheep Boss Receives a Challenger During the Rutting Season

A Quick Look at a Red Fox in Canada's Rockies

Young Bighorn Ram Trying to Isolate a Ewe During the Rut

Elk Sparring after the Rutting Season

Bighorn Sheep Ramping Up for the Rut

The Gentle Giant Moose in a Canadian Rockies Fall

Largest Bull Protecting His Harem during the Canadian Rockies Elk Rut

Largest Elk Bull Meets His Match Near the End of the Rut

Moose Cow Running Calf Away During the Rut

Three Healthy Bulls Entering the Moose Rut

Magnificent Bull Moose in Canada's Rockies

Elk Bulls Sharing Territory have a Quick Eruption

Moose Feeding in a Canadian Rockies Mountain Lake

2 Big Bull Elk Size Each Other Up

Young Elk Bulls as Testosterone Levels Rise

Bear Sleeps in Jasper, Alberta Town Tree for over 13hrs

Jasper's Largest Bull Elk Seen So Far

Largest Elk Bull with his Harem During the Beginning of the Rut

Elk Bull Defending his Herd Early in the Rutting Season

Elk Bulls Bugling During the Rut

Grizzly Bear Flipping Rocks for Insects

Adorable Grizzly Cub of the Year

Beautiful Whitetail Deer Fawns and Young Bucks

Bighorn Sheep Ramming

Young Adult Grizzly Bear in the Rockies

Brown Phase Bear Cubs of the Year

Grizzly Cub Now on It's Own

Grizzly Bear Eating Lush Vegetation

Elk in Canada's Rockies in June

The Rainy Day Bear Cub Today

Bighorn Sheep Ewes with Newborn Lambs

Canadian Back Country Grizzly Bear Family 2019

Tiny Bear Cubs among the Paintbrushes 2019

Eaglets in Canada's Rockies 2019

Canadian Rockies Pups Playing by their Den 2019

Big Grizzly Bear Mum with 3 Tiny Cubs 2019

Newborn Elk Calf in Canada's Rockies in 2019

Jasper's Grizzly Mum and Cub in it's 3rd Year, 2019

Canadian Rockies Pups Playing

Grizzly Bears Pairing Up in Canada's Rockies 2019

Grizzly Female in Canada's Rockies

A Happy Grizzly Bear in Jasper Alberta 2019

New Bear Cubs of the Year in Alberta's Rockies 2019

Grizzly Bear on the Icefields Parkway in Spring

New Bear Cubs of the Year in Canada's Rockies 2019

Largest Grizzly Bear in Spring in Alberta's Rockies

Wolves on the Hunt in Jasper Alberta May, 2019

Pileated Woodpeckers in Canada's Rocky Mountains

Mule Deer's Natural Ability to Blend into their Environment

Trio of Colors in one Canadian Bear Family

What do Black Bears Eat just out of Hibernation?

Mountain Goats in Canada's Rockies still Carrying their Amazing Winter Coats

Northern Hawk Owls in Alberta's Rockies

Bull Elk King the Day of Dropping his Antlers

Wolf Pup in Alberta's Rockies 2019

A Happy Otter in Jasper Alberta's Rockies (HD)

Wild Wolf Pup in a Canadian Rockies Winter 2019 (HD)

Canadian Rockies Bighorn Ram Battle (trimmed)HD 2019

Otter Family Hunting and Playing in Jasper National Park

Bighorn Mating Season Begins in Alberta's Rockies

Very Sleepy Big Grizzly Bear in Alberta's Rockies (HD)

4 Elk Bulls Fighting Together Near the End of Rutting Season (HD)

Elk Bull Crossing Canadian Rockies Athabasca River (HD)

Kings of the Canadian Rockies Elk Rut (HD)

2 Bull Moose Engaging in Some Sparring During the Rut in Canada's Rockies

Canadian Rockies Roadside Ram Rumble HD

Icefields Parkway Grizzly Bear HD

Bull Moose Warming Up for Their Rutting Season in Canada's Rockies 2018 HD

Grizzly Bear Crossing Maligne River Middle of September 2018 HD

Elk Rut with Lots of Bugling and Aggressive Bull Guarding Harem - Canadian Rockies (HD)

Magnificent Bull Elk Responds to Bugle HD

16 month Old Grizzly Cub Siblings Wrestling in Jasper Alberta HD 2018

2 Black Bears Squabbling in a Tree

An Evening Bull Elk Bugling and Interacting with Herd During Rut

Bald Eagle Perched Over Athabasca River in Canadian Rockies

Barred Owl Hunting in Canadian Rockies

Bear Cubs Play Fighting Becomes Aggressive in Canada's Rockies 2018 HD

Bear Cubs Zipping Up and Down Trees then Nursing in Canada's Rockies HD 2018

Bear Family on a Rainy Day (2018 HD)

Bear Nursing Cubs at Dusk in the Canadian Rockies HD 2018

Bears When Territory Meets 2018 HD

Beginning Stages of the Elk Rut and Bulls are Becoming More Aggressive in Late August 2018

Black Bear Siblings Getting Rough with Each Other

Brown Black Bear Family near a Rockies Roadside in 2018 HD

Bubble Bee Love

Canadian Rockies Moose with Calf Grazing

Close Look at Canadian Rockies Mountain Goat on a Hot Day

Cute Baby Bear Cub in Canada's Rockies 2018 HD

Elk Bulls Fighting in the Canadian Rockies 2017

Epic Canadian Rockies Ram Battle for Mating Rights (HD)

Evenly Matched Elk Bulls in the Middle of the Night Banff National Park (HD)

Gentle Hazing of a Grizzly Bear with Cubs in a Canadian Park HD

Grizzly Bear and Cubs Finishing Elk Carcass (HD)

Grizzly Bear Cubs Clowning Around and Play Fighting

Grizzly Bear Cub Siblings Demonstrate Very Capable Squabble Skills Over a Meal

Grizzly Bear Cubs of the Year Horsing Around in Athabasca River Alberta

Grizzly Bear Emerging from Hibernation in Jasper Digging for Nutrients (HD)

Grizzly Bear Family Eating Berries in Jasper National Park (HD)

Grizzly Bear Family Eating in Canada's Beautiful Rocky Mountains

Grizzly Bear in Jasper National Park Alberta; Just Out of Hibernation 2018 (HD)

Grizzly Bear Mother and 2 Year and a Half Old Cubs in Jasper National Park HD

Grizzly Bear Mother and Cubs of the Year Eating Elk Kill Athabasca River Jasper Alberta

Grizzly Bear Mother and Spring Cubs Eating an Elk Kill in Athabasca River

Grizzly Bear Mother Nurses Cubs of the Year along Athabasca River in the Canadian Rockies

Grizzly Bear Nurses Cubs of the Year 2017

Grizzly Bear Pulling Skin off Elk Kill

Grizzly Bear Scares Bald Eagle off as it Approaches Kill Site then Bear Cubs Follow

Grizzly Bear with Cubs Sighting in Jasper National Park

Grizzly Mother and Cubs feeding on an Elk Carcass in Athabasca River Jasper Canada Rockies (HD)

Grizzly Munching Machine in Jasper National Park (HD)

Jasper National Park 3 Wolves in Early March 2018.

Large Bull Elk after Shedding Velvet 3rd Week of August

Large Male Grizzly Walking in Snow just out of Hibernation in 2018 (HD)

Male Grizzly in Late 2018 Spring using His Digging Tools (HD)

Mother Moose Tries Chasing Calf Away Large Bull Approaches to Mate in a Canadian Rockies Evening

Mountain Goat Demonstrates Amazing Climbing Skills in Rocky Mountains

New Born 2018 Canadian Rockies Bear Cubs in Harms Way (HD)

Newborn Elk Calves with Babysitters and Mothers in Canada's Rockies (HD)

Pine Marten Hunting in the Canadian Rockies

Playful Moose Calf Joins Mom in a Canadian Rockies Winter

Powerful Grizzly Bear and Cubs Finishing Elk Carcass (HD) 2

Powerful Grizzly Bear Mother Chewing on Elk Leg Bone (HD)

Sunwapta Wolf Pack Alpha Feeding on Elk Kill 2018

Three toed Woodpeckers working at pine in the Canadian Rockies

Young Adult Black Bear in Canada's Rockies Eating Poplar Buds 2018 (HD)

3 Nursing Black Bear Cubs

Acrobatic Bear Up Tree Eating Balsam Poplar Seed Pods Jasper

Baby Bear Cubs Play Fighting in Jasper

Bear Cub of the Year climbs to Tree Top

Bighorn Sheep Baby Descends Mountain Side in the Canadian Rockies

Black Bear Mother with cubs Canada Rockies

Close Encounter with Black Bear

Grizzly Bear Cub of The Year in 2017

Grizzly Bear Cubs of the Year Charge Harassing Coyotes

Grizzly Bear Mother with 2 Cubs of the Year in Jasper Canada (HD)

January Bighorn Sheep Ramming at Dusk in Canada's Rockies.

Jasper Alberta Grizzly Bear Close Encounter

Large Dominant Elk Bull during Rutting Season

Lone Wolf Feeding on Elk Kill by River While Bald Eagle Waits

Male Bighorn Sheep Climbing in Canadian Rockies

Mother Bear and Cubs in Canadian Rockies

Mother Bear with Playful Cubs of the Year

Mother Black Bear Nurses 2 Cubs of the Year

Mother Moose with Calf in Mountains in October

Playful Bear Cubs of the Year Play Fighting, Digging and Goofing around.

Very Large Black Bear Approaches Previous Feeding Site

Very Large Black Bear Eating at Feeding Site Canadian Rockies

Wolves at Dusk near one of the Skyline Trail entries(Jasper)

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