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A Rare Bear Family - Newborn Cub, Older Sibling and Beautiful Mother

This Brown Phase Mother Bear not only brought out her newborn cub very early, but is also still in the care of her yearling cub. A very rare occurrence that we will not expect to witness again any time soon! Hopefully the little one is getting lots of Mum's Milk to grow stronger fast. The initial worry was that this tiny Bear Cub was stuck or injured, as it's sibling whizzed up and down the tree in such close aggressive proximity. This was a high human activity area that was extra tricky for all, however the Cub did come down and they may have found a much safer space by now.

Bear Family on a Rainy Day

Newborn Black bear cubs are born just a little larger than a hamster in the Den(January), but grow rapidly. By the time they emerge from their dens(usually April), they are typically the size of a house cat. This Cub is the smallest example of what we have ever seen in Canada's Rockies at this time of year... Hoping to see this charismatic little one do a lot of growing in the next few weeks.

Cute Baby Bear Cub in Canada's Rockies

This Cute Baby Bear Cub doesn't have any siblings, so Mom has to be the Play Partner. Even at a very Young age, this Bear Cub demonstrates his amazing ability to climb trees while eating Balsam Poplar Buds. You can see that Bears will often use their Mouth as an extra appendage, as well; especially when climbing down.

New Born Canadian Rockies Bear Cubs in Harms Way

Bear Cubs often unknowingly put themselves in Harms Way due to Territory they may be forced to use (other Bears), or simply Inheriting a territory their Mother has Always Occupied. These three newborn Bear cubs are a great illustration of why we need to.. "Drive As If Their Lives Depend On It!" We could hear another Bear in the lower forest that was forcing this Young Family to place themselves in Harms way here.

Bear Cubs Play Fighting Becomes Aggressive in Canada's Rockies

While Bear Cubs will play fight and snuggle each other with family Love most of the time, whenever they become hungry or know it's near meal time, their playfulness can become instinctively aggressive. These types of interactions can become quite ferocious if hunger and food sources don't align, even among 5 month Old Sibling Bear Cubs like these. After any scuffle is over, it's usually right back to family love again.

Bear Cubs Zipping Up and Down Trees then Nursing in Canada's Rockies

Bear Cubs Playfully Climb Up and Down Trees until their Mother Approaches to begin Nursing near dusk in the Canadian Rockies. Black Bear Cubs are exceptionally equipped for climbing trees, much like a Cat... and Very Entertaining to Observe!

Bear Cub Cuteness

Each Day in the Mountains, Nature provides Moments of Magic. Here are a few Magical Moments with tiny Bear Cubs.

Baby Black Bear Cubs Starting to Explore

These Baby Black Bear Cubs are Starting to Explore and have no trouble hitting the treetops. We hope they find a safe place far away from this road side.

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