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Elk Rut with Lots of Bugling and Aggressive Bull Guarding his Canadian Rockies Harem

The early stages of the Elk Rut in Canada's Rockies - Jasper National Park. These Video Clips are fractions of several days of a Wonderful experience. This particular Bull Elk has aggressively defended His harem from Several other Bulls over the last few days, of which is still quite early for the Elk Rutting Season.

Largest Bull Meets His Match during the Elk Rut

Elk Bull Fights are numerous during the Rut in Canada's Rockies, but this one was especially striking. Here is a close look at the Largest Elk Bull in this area.. first, a couple clips over the last month, before today's marathon fight with this younger rival. The younger rival has not been stressed near as much during the height of the rutting season, and clearly had the stamina to outlast one of this areas most dominant bulls today. The Bull that conceded defeat today has been the most dominant elk bull in this area now for years. This well known King has had to battle and run off rival bulls on almost a daily basis over the last month and a half, of which shows athleticism and genetics that are extremely rare. We suspect he decided it was more important to preserve his energy as very few cows remain in estrus. He did sustain some injuries here, but will likely be back to fight another day.

The Elk Rut is Coming

The beginning of the Elk Rut is just a month away. Elk Bull's will soon experience a dramatic increase in testosterone as they battle for claim to their territories' Throne.

Bull Behaviors with His Harem During the Elk Rut

Here is one of several successful Bulls in the Canadian Rockies during this year's Elk Rut the last few weeks, displaying..
- Vocalizations,
- Rubbing antlers against trees, shrubs and the ground to impress cows, show dominance, and mark a territory,
- Licking, Sniffing and tasting,
- Flehmen or lip curls,
and Herding his Harem.

Magnificent Bull During the Elk Rut

A Beautiful Canadian Rockies Retreat hosted this incredible Bull and Cows on this day during the Elk Rut.

Elk Rut with the Largest Bull Protecting His Canadian Rockies Harem

Some clips from the Elk Rut, but mainly here is the largest Bull Elk with his harem of cows in a beautiful area along the Athabasca River. The most competitive territory during the mating or rutting season for elk in this area of Canada's Rockies; other Bulls are almost always touching on the boundaries of what he can protect. He came into the rutting season in very good condition, but is offered very little rest from protecting his harem. This usually causes significant weight loss over about a month and a half. Many satellite bull elk may even sneak in while the larger bulls are bugling and battling over a harem.

Bull battles are very common during the elk rut, which can result in several different bulls managing the same harem for short periods over the course of mating season. It is fairly rare for one bull to have the genetics to hold on to a harem during the entire month and a half of challenges. As the rutting season ends and cows are no longer in estrus, bulls will gradually relax and form bachelor groups over the winter again.

Elk Bulls Bugling During the Rut

Magnificent Elk Bulls bugling during the rutting season in Canada's Rockies.

First Big Elk Bull Forming His Harem - The Rut has Begun!

This Big Elk Bull has come down from the Valley to form his Harem in a very competitive Elk Rutting location. This Bull is certainly one of the largest seen so far this year, but he will likely have to face some incredible challengers over the next few weeks, as more large Elk Bulls come out to compete in the Rut. The Elk Rut has Begun!

Very Active Elk Bull with His Harem During the Elk Rut

A Magnificent Elk Bull being very active during the Rut in the Canadian Rockies. This Elk rut video is part 2 of 2 of this Bull and his harem as aggression and herding instincts are very high.

The Most Successful and Battled Elk Bull in this Territory

Here are some highlights of the last several years of this areas most famous Elk Bull during the rutting season. He has dominated this area for many years now and while his behavior was more cautious in 2020, his maturity served him well. Just a few days ago, we captured him looking the best he has ever looked at this time of year.. not a broken tine and a strong, healthy gate. The "Sheriff", as many call him now, has proved to be an incredible being with exceptional genetics!

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