Grizzly Bear Cub Now Dealing with Life Alone

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Grizzly Bear Cub Now Dealing with Life Alone

Grizzly bear cubs typically leave their mother between the ages of 1.5 to 2.5 years old. We have now seen numerous Grizzly Bear Cubs stay with their Mother right into their 4th year, however. This is a gradual process that occurs when the cubs become more independent and capable of surviving on their own. During this time, the mother bear may begin to show signs of aggression or intolerance towards her cubs to encourage them to become more self-reliant. The exact timing can vary depending on environmental factors, availability of food, and individual circumstances. It can be a very tough time for young Grizzly Bears as there are often other much larger Bears they have to evade and compete with.. possibly the toughest time for a Cub.
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