Mountain Goats Being Aggressive

Mountain Goats Being Aggressive

Canadian Rockies Mountain Goats, compared to other ungulates, are highly aggressive to one another. Female Mountain Goats are dominant, except during the rut in the fall when males compete with each other. Females, being the more aggressive of the two sexes, can have many aggressive interactions per hour.

In studied populations in Alberta, Canadian female mountain goats had an average of 3.4 aggressive interactions per hour when in a group, which is the highest amount for any wild female ungulate measured. Mountain Goats display their aggression by arching their back and showing their side profile to seem larger. They can often rush suddenly at an opponent, or slowly push against them while walking by. Mountain Goat Fights do not usually escalate to extreme levels.

While Bighorn Sheep possess the capability of plowing just about anything off of a Mountain Edge, when occupying the same area as Mountain Goats; Bighorn Sheep usually give way to the more aggressive Mountain Goat.
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